10 Mountain Activities For Kids And The Whole Family

Mountain Games and Activities for Children

Adventure sports and mountain activities are the best excuse to learn, breathe fresh air, play sports and create stronger bonds in families.

There is nothing better for children -and parents- than being in nature to learn, first hand and in a practical way, everything they study at school.the mountain is an environment that offers families everything they need to spend a fun and adventurous weekend or vacation. And children enjoy it more than anyone else.

There are plenty of games and creative activities that are totally safe for the whole family. Do you want to know what they are? Today in Columbus we tell you some mountain activities that you can do with children so that you can spend an unforgettable time in contact with nature… Don’t miss it!

Bicycle Rides

There are simple routes for cycling with children and family. These trails pass through signposted roads, rural paths and roads with hardly any traffic, so there is no risk whatsoever. If you are going to enjoy a bike ride in the mountains, do not forget to take the necessary precautions such as using the appropriate helmets, ensuring the proper functioning of the bicycles and, of course, do not ride after sunset.

Children enjoy exercising outdoors and playing at being explorers, getting to know the most remote places, and you are their best guide and adventure companion!

Horseback Riding Excursions

There are many horseback riding centers near the mountains that offer horseback riding for the whole family. Some rural houses also have stables. You can choose to take a course according to your level, or just enjoy a quiet ride in the mountains with your family.

The little ones will love having and feeling the horses up close, as well as learning how to ride them. Animals and mountain activities for the kids… They will have a great time!

Climbing for the whole family

Yes, it is possible! There are very simple outdoor routes adapted for children. Climbing schools usually have initiation courses for the whole family. If you don’t have climbing equipment, these courses usually have the equipment included.

Climbing is one of the most popular mountain sports, and can be practiced by both children and adults, and climbing is a perfect sport for building confidence in children, as well as learning to manage stress. After climbing, they will feel like they can handle anything.

Outdoor Camping

There are natural sites with approved campsites for the whole family to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Sleeping outdoors, telling stories by moonlight? Your kids will probably say yes. You can organize a simple hiking route and then go camping.


Games are perfect for your children to learn about the flora and fauna of the mountains, which will help them to respect and value nature. In addition, through games they stimulate their creativity, imagination and increase their confidence by doing activities with their parents. There is nothing more important for children than spending time with their parents.

There are as many games in the mountains as you can think of, but here are a few hints:

Flying a kite: something as simple as flying a kite can be very entertaining and exciting for children.

  • Identify trees: to learn the names of trees and have fun at the same time, you can play a game of calling out the names of the trees and the children have to look for it, the first one to find it wins.
  • Collect the same objects: you can choose some things present in the environment. Then they have to look for the same objects.
  • Make necklaces: nature offers endless possibilities to make jewelry: flowers, sticks, leaves… You just need to bring a string to make the pendant. They won’t want to take it off!
    Orientation games: this game needs a little more elaboration, but it is worth it. It consists of playing orienteering games and returning from a route with the orienteering data given.
  • Build a hut: Who has not built a hut in the mountains? You only need wooden sticks and a blanket to create an authentic Indian teepee.
    In addition to these activities, you can also make an album and glue the leaves of the plants you collect, so they can take home a souvenir of their vacation in the mountains.

As you can see, there is a wide range of mountain activities for children and for the whole family. The little ones will never forget their family vacations in the mountains, the names of the trees they learned or the adventures they had with their parents. And who knows, maybe this will awaken their little bug for adventure, so that tomorrow they will be great adventurers of Columbus Outdoors.