12 Reasons Why You Should Start Mountain Biking Today

If you enjoy outdoor sports and haven’t yet taken up mountain biking, here are some of the reasons why you should start today and why you’ll make your bike one of your best friends.

1. Because it’s fun

You can cycle alone or with a group of friends and colleagues. It is a sport that leaves room for chatting and that will give rise to anecdotes in each outing to remember later. Get a good company and you will not lack moments of laughter and fun.

2. Helps you stay Fit and Healthy

Riding a mountain bike will help you tone your muscles and keep you at a healthy weight. At the same time that you burn calories you will improve your basal metabolism, fitness and appearance, especially of your lower body. Legs and buttocks will look aesthetically much more attractive. In addition, you will also gain strength in your arms and neck, especially if you dare with continuous up and down routes.

3. It makes you gain in vitality and wellbeing

If you choose a clean environment to have fun on your mountain bike, you will be de-stressing your mind and oxygenating your body. This will improve the functioning of your internal organs and increase your body’s production of red blood cells. All this results in a greater sense of vitality and well-being that is worth enjoying.

4. Allows you to enjoy pure air and incredible landscapes

Be selective with the place where you practice MTB because you will gain a lot from it. You will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes while you get in shape, you will breathe clean and pure air. It will help you disconnect from daily worries and get rid of daily stress. All at the same time.

5. You will learn to work as a team

Although you can of course go out on your MTB alone, it’s more common to do it in company. There will always be friends, co-workers, neighbors or acquaintances with whom you can plan outings and new routes. On these occasions all the members of the group will have to adapt to each other in terms of schedules, preferences, rhythms, organization and learn to work together. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of learning outside of the sporting arena.

6. It will help you improve your health

With the use of the bicycle you will help to improve the health of your cardiovascular system, your stamina and blood circulation. In addition, as mentioned above, it will improve your basal metabolism, which will help you maintain a healthy weight.

7. Help you meet new people

On your routes you will meet both solo cyclists and groups with whom to share part of the route, chat, exchange information, anecdotes and laughs. During the stops to rest, recharge your batteries or enjoy the surroundings, you can meet hikers and chat with the locals, who will tell you more about the place. In this environment it will be very easy to meet new people with whom you can share common interests or simply have a pleasant and enjoyable time chatting.

8. You Will Improve Your Physical Skills

Coordination, balance, strength and endurance are some of them. With the practice of sport you will notice an improvement in your physical skills that will later benefit you in other aspects of your daily life.

9. Will help you to be self-sufficient and organized

You know that you need to carry everything you need and that it’s important to remember where you carry it. Preparing your personal handlebar bag and/or saddle bag for each ride, equipping them with the right gear, and knowing what and where everything is in them at all times, will require organization on your part. So will having to coordinate the time you dedicate to the sport with other aspects of your life. You will find that self-organization makes things easier for you. And you will take it to other aspects of your daily life.

10. It will help you get to know your surroundings better.

If all the routes begin and/or end at your home or at a point close to it, cycling will allow you to get to know better the towns and natural corners of your environment. Probably many of them are now unknown to you and you have never set foot in your next favorite place to get lost. Or to find yourself!

11. It will help you to have fun even when you are not practicing it.

MTBing gets you hooked, and soon you’ll start to be entertained by the world of cycling even when you’re not riding. You’ll have fun buying equipment, looking for and planning new routes, organizing trips to practice cycling in places where you can’t usually do it (even in other countries), sharing experiences and doubts in specialized forums… A whole new world of entertainment will open up before you in which to occupy an important part of your leisure time.

12. Will Feel You Much happier Than Before

We have left it for last, but not because it is the least important thing, on the contrary. Cycling makes your brain increase the secretion of endorphins, the hormone of happiness. This, together with everything we have mentioned above, will help you to be happier and happier.

Enjoy your free time on two wheels. Take the plunge and start mountain biking today. You’ve already seen some of the reasons why it’s worth doing it. And when you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll realize that they’re not the only ones.