60,000 Indian troops stationed at the border, 14th round of talks with China today

Beijing, China:
India and China will hold talks at the military level on Wednesday in the 14th phase. On Tuesday, China described the current situation in the border area with India as “generally stable”. The 14th round of military-level talks was also confirmed on Wednesday to discuss China’s withdrawal from the remaining disputed area in east Ladakh.

Meet at the military base
The two countries are still at odds in some areas of eastern Ladakh, and the Indian military said Monday it hoped for a concrete and positive discussion at a meeting on Wednesday. The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday. “We hope India will cooperate to normalize tensions in parts of eastern Ladakh,” said Wang. Today (Wednesday) the 14th round of talks between high-ranking military officials from the two countries will take place. The meeting took place in Chushul-Moldo on the Chinese side of the LoC in the east of Ladakh. The 13th round of talks took place on October 10, 2021 between the military of the two countries. But nothing came of it. “China did not accept some of our positive recommendations. No suggestions were made to get rid of this bitterness, ”said Indian officials after the meeting, expressing their displeasure.

Gather on both sides

After the violent clashes between the two armies in the area, soldiers from both countries have been camping here in front of each other since May 5, 2020. 50,000 to 60,000 soldiers from each armed force are stationed in these sensitive areas along the LoC.

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