A concert of colorful political themes; When the ‘Ha’ leader does standup comedy

Mumbai: There are many developments in the life of every artist and in a way a treasure trove of kisses is created. It includes emotional, touching and some hilarious kisses. These are the most abandoned and unforgettable kisses in the life of the artist ‘!’ Painted by this event. This group of kisses, painted by many artists in the field of entertainment, is currently making waves in the minds of the public. Just like the life of an artist is filled with emotional and funny kisses, the life of a political party is also filled with many exciting and unforgettable events. Recently, the main speaker of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took part in the artists’ kissing event, opening a treasure trove of abandoned kisses in the political arena. Keshav Upadhyay is always in conversation, hesitantly answering the ARV journalists’ questions about the cash register.

Coming onto the stage of the “Hey Tar Kachhi Nai” program, he unleashed a lot of behind-the-scenes crowds and interesting kisses in the political arena with his hat-K style, as if bursting with laughter. Originally a journalist, Keshav has been working in the political sphere for 20-22 years. He made special preparations for this event and chose a few kisses from the many kisses of his long career, taking great care not to hurt anyone. “Although it is a challenge to answer journalists’ questions at the press conference, it is a daily habit, but I was forced to go to the TV program and speak in a row. As I was telling the stories, because of my humor, some of the jokes came to mind and the flow of kisses started to change,” says Keshav. Abhishek Teli, University of Mumbai

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