A planet like “Potato” was found in space, which shocked even the scientists

Paris, France:
As you know, there are different types of solar systems. But there is another one in space that also has bizarre planets. One of these planets looks like a “potato”. Some scientists even describe the planet as “in outer space.” That is the name of the planet in the constellation Hercules. Nearby is a star called WASP-103. Remarkably, this potato-shaped planet is hotter and larger than our sun. This planet takes less than a day to orbit its star.

According to the European Space Agency on Tuesday, this is the first time this odd-shaped planet has been identified. This is according to the latest data from NASA’s Hubble Agency and the Spitzer Telescope. Scientists also published a research paper in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. The planet is twice the size of Jupiter and its internal structure is also filled with air like Jupiter. Researchers say the planet’s shape resembles that of a potato thanks to the Cheops space telescope.

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