Aamir talks about the world’s best T20 bowler and Akram about India’s pioneering player


  • Aamir calls Shahin Shah Afridi Pakistan’s best bowler
  • Wasim Akram says Suryakumar Yadav is India’s game changer
  • World Cup game between India and Pakistan in Dubai on Sunday

Dubai: India places one of the best teams in the T20 World Cup. A handful of brilliant players recently hit the IPL for crown favorites India. The Pakistani players are also impressed by the Indian players. Many, including former players, have come forward to praise the Indian players. The assessments of the players refer to the game India-Pakistan.

“Jaspreet Bumra from Pakistan is currently the best bowler in T20I,” said Mohammad Aamir. In power play, Bumra is good at taking wickets and controlling runs in the final overs. Aamir says Bumra shouldn’t be compared to Pakistani bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi. Afridi can still gain a lot of experience. Although Afridi is brilliant in Pakistan, Aamir said that Bumra is the best in T20I.

Former Pakistani batsman Wasim Akram has praised India’s middle-tier batsman Suryakumar Yadav. “Suryakumar is India’s leading batsman and a young player who can change the game for India,” said Akram. Surya will be able to take over the game after the power play. He listens to his shots. He knew Suryakumar when he was a mentor in KKR. Much has improved in the meantime. The sun has very safe shots. Akram also praised the batsman for his excellent punching power.

The India-Pakistan World Cup will be held in Dubai on Sunday. Pakistan has yet to beat India at the World Cup. Pakistan lost five T20s and seven ODIs to India at the World Cup. This time the Pakistani team around Babur Assam is hoping for the title.

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