Abdominal pain that started six months; Removed mobile from the abdomen by surgery

Cairo: Doctors removed a cell phone from the abdomen of a patient with abdominal pain. The doctor took an X-ray of the patient after he complained of abdominal pain. This X-ray report shocked the doctors. A cell phone was found in the stomach of this patient. This patient swallowed a cell phone six months ago. Its legibility, however, was nowhere to be found. Finally, the cell phone was surgically removed.

The incident took place in Egypt. The operation was performed by doctors from Aswan University Hospital in southern Egypt. This patient swallowed a cell phone six months ago. He kept the matter a secret from others. He thought the phone would come out of his stomach naturally. However, the phone got stuck in my stomach. This led to severe abdominal pain. The patient then decided to go to the hospital. The X-ray report showed that the patient had an infection in his abdomen.

There was danger to life

The cell phone had been in the abdomen for six months and caused injuries inside the abdomen. Without immediate treatment, the patient would have died. The doctor decided to perform the operation immediately after the examination. The cell phone was surgically removed from the abdomen. The doctor said that the way of the food to the body was blocked by the cell phone stuck in the stomach. The hospital announced that the patient’s condition is stable and is improving after the operation.

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