Hello 👋🏻, I’m Tapan Saha, Computer Programmer.

Within the IT world I consider myself a Software Developer >> Python Programmer >> Full Stack Web Developer.

After more than fourteen years of continuous training and development of all kinds of web applications (and other types of software), I believe that the time has come to contribute my grain of sand to the community.

I want to help you become a better programmer, but not just any programmer, but one of the top 💪🏻

Summary of My Professional Career

In 2009 I graduated as a Computer Engineer from the Calcutta University, receiving an “Honorable Mention for Academic Excellence”.

I have always been an entrepreneur, so as soon as I finished university I created my own company together with two fellow students. It was a very fruitful stage in which I learned a lot about software development and business.

Three years later I joined the Cognizant Information technology company and Applied Communications Area of the University of Mumbai. I stayed there until mid-2015. During that time, I participated in various projects to improve the University’s business processes, mainly focused on the field of electronic administration, such as security, signature, authentic copies or electronic filing.

From August 2016 to the end of 2018 I was part of Wipro as CTO, participating in the business development area and various R&D projects at an Indian level. The main sectors for which he developed were health, emergency management and immersive experiences.

I’m currently focused on my project Yourswriter.com (this blog, hehe), in which I disseminate the Python language and software development. I also collaborate on web development projects in Python 😜 APIs, Backends, microservices…

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