Actress dies at the age of 31

New Delhi- Famous Hollywood star Kim I Shoe shocked fans. His favorite actress died at the age of 31. He passed away suddenly on Wednesday December 5th. The cause of her death is not yet clear. Your whole family is devastated. Kim was cremated in the Taneyung Sungsim funeral home on Shu. The actress’s death saddened millions of fans, including her family. She appeared in a supporting role in the Korean drama. Her acting was valued everywhere. Snowdrop is a romantic melodrama set against the backdrop of the pro-democracy movement of 1987. Kim was born on March 16, 1992 in South Korea. She was educated at the Korean National University of the Arts. Kim had an acting career. In 2019 she also appeared in two films, “Memories” and “Kungmees

World”. Also appears in the Human Luwak series. She has also appeared in several films and series. Hello bye, mom! And her performance can be seen in Into the Ring. Meanwhile, an engaging tweet was received from the family. “Kim is no longer with us,” he wrote. Leave her family alone. He demanded privacy from the fans. Kim’s family also appealed to the media not to believe rumors or arguments. At the request of her family, Kim is buried in solitude. We pray that her soul is at peace. So that the bereaved can remember the dead in peace. Peace be to Kim Mi Shu’s soul. “We urge you not to spread false rumors and arguments so that the bereaved will not be injured. At the request of her family, the funeral will be carried out in quiet solitude. Let us pray for peace in their souls, “the statement said.

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