Afghanistan crisis: Elgar from Afghan women for basic rights such as education and employment


  • The hammer on the fundamental rights of women in Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power
  • Ordinary women on the street against the Taliban government for their rights
  • On the other hand, pro-Taliban women rally in support of Islamic law

Kabul: Local women face major challenges after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and formed a government under their leadership. Local women have called for an Elgar against the Taliban government for basic rights like education and employment. (Afghan women protest for rights to work, education)

On Sunday, numerous Afghan women took to the streets in Kabul to demand education and work from the new government of the “Islamic Emirates”.

These women protested for their rights. He also targeted international organizations for keeping silent and disregarding the fundamental rights of women in the country.

We can endure hunger, we can go without food if we have to, but we will not tolerate injustice. “We demand freedom and justice in our own country,” said one protester.

Notably, after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, women continued to protest courageously from time to time. In recent days it has become known that protesters have been beaten by Taliban security officials. In addition, media personnel covering the women’s movement were also attacked and arrested.

Women learn the Koran in the Zainabiya Madrassa in Kabul. to read

Pro-Taliban women’s rally

Thereafter, the Taliban’s Interior Ministry (MOI) tried to crush the demonstrators. The Taliban have announced that they will not allow the protests to take place without the approval of the relevant ministry. A rally pro-Taliban women was organized for this purpose. The women also announced their support for the Taliban government. He also expressed his support for the new Islamic laws that are being implemented in the country. The pro-Taliban women claimed that women were accorded all other rights, including education, under Islamic law of the Islamic State.

Afghanistan crisis

A look at Afghanistan

Enamullah Samangani, deputy spokeswoman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), claimed that the Islamic emirate does not discriminate against any group in society. At the same time, the Taliban claimed that a girls’ school had opened in Herat and that nurses could easily get to work. However, the general public says that most women are still being deprived of work and education.

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