After mucormycosis, now corona patients have fungal problems in the lower back


  • Patients with severe back pain after coronary artery disease
  • The pain didn’t go away and the MRI was done and then a new opening opened up
  • Patients who were given steroids during treatment, found problems

New Delhi: After mucormycosis i.e. black fungus, now another fungal infection is being seen in people who beat corona. In the last three months, four patients from Pune who have recovered from corona have developed a new fungal infection. Three months ago, at the age of 66, a patient named Prabhakar, who defeated Corona, had normal fever and constant back pain. To get relief from this pain, he initially took generic medicines.

However, when he was examined by MRI, he realized that the infection had damaged the spinal-disc bone, a condition known as spondylodiscitis. In which bone biopsy and culture (medical test) of the infected area was done and it was found that it was damaged due to fungus.

Surgery is considered difficult in this type of disorder, in which the fungus mimics spinal tuberculosis. This type of problem is seen in patients who have had coronary heart disease, whereas this problem is rarely seen in the lungs. Prayag, an infectious disease specialist at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, said, “We have seen this type of disease in four patients who have recovered from corona in three months. In an interview with The Times of India.”

The common thing among these four patients was that they were adversely affected by corona and they were given steroid doses during treatment. It is generally found that corona patients who were given steroids during treatment have experienced some complications after corona ejaculation.

Expert Parikshit Prayag told that the treatment of back pain patients who appeared in three months in Pune is currently going on. Now experts are also trying to learn some new things during the treatment of these patients.

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