After returning from prison, Aryan Khan was shocked


  • After his release from prison, Aryan Khan became lonely
  • Aryan was shocked by the drug case experience
  • Shah Rukh Khan gives Aryan time time

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested in a drug case. He was released on bail after spending 26 days in prison. After 26 days in prison, Aryan’s behavior has changed dramatically. Basically Aryan nature is calm. But now he’s calmed down even more. He doesn’t talk much at home either. He spends most of the time in his room. According to people close to Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan was hit hard by the whole affair. He’s still shaking from the shock.

According to some news outlets, Aryan’s behavior has changed dramatically since his release from prison. He used to be out with friends, but now he lives alone in his room. Basically Aryan nature is calm. However, close members of the Khan family said he became more and more abusive after the incident.

There were rumors that Aryan Khan’s security would be strengthened once he was released on bail. But according to people close to Shah Rukh, nothing like this is being done. No special bodyguards or special security measures are provided for Aryan. Shah Rukh spends most of his time with Aryan. Therefore, even after returning home, Shah Rukh has not started work.

The Bureau of Narcotics Control raided a drug party on October 2nd on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa. Aryan Khan was arrested during this raid. The NCB alleged that Aryan was involved in drug purchases. In addition to Aryan, Arbaaz Merchant and Moonmoon Dhamecha were also arrested by the NCB. The Mumbai Supreme Court granted the three conditional bail. The three were later released.

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