After the accident, Lake became a mother … An emotional contribution from Varsha Dandale

Mumbai: Popular actress Varsha Dandale on the small screen and on the marathi stage had an accident last month. Varsha suffered serious injuries to his spine and leg in the accident. So you were completely bedridden and unable to move. But after a month his condition improves. During this difficult time after the accident, Varsha was looked after by her daughter Tanmayi. Today, on the occasion of Tanmayi’s birthday, Varsha wrote an emotional post.

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What becomes of Varsha. written?

Varsha Dandale shared a photo with her darling Leki. Varsha wrote an emotional post with this photo. In this post, Varsha writes: ‘Happy Birthday Tanmayi … information about the hospital, the surgeons, the surgeons’ operations after the accident on September 22nd and the entire responsibility of postoperative physiotherapy, my lake … Now you can also type … This must have recognized the importance of your physiotherapist .. Happy Birthday Tanu, stay as you are, Sevabhavi .. ‘

Varsha Dandale is originally from Akola and settled in Mumbai after her marriage. His acting career is very remarkable. I wanted to work as a music teacher in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Little by little, Varsha began to work on the piece. While working in the theater, Varsha began working in TV series. Zee reached this house through the Nanda Soukhya Bhare series on the Marathi Canal. The role of Vachhi Atya that Varsha played in this series was very popular. He was also known by that name.

Then she played the role of Lata Kaku in the series ‘Namakti Lagna Aayeche Haam’. You played the role of Usha’s aunt in the recently completed series ‘Pahile Na Mi’. He has also appeared in many series and plays such as Anandi He Jag Saare.

Varsha shared the news of the accident on social media. Then everyone, from many artists to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, asked about his health. In addition, Chief Minister Thackeray had sent Mumbai City Council Mayor Kishori Pednekar to Nashik to inquire about Varsha Dandale’s health and promised to cooperate in every possible way. His photo was also shared by Varsha from his Instagram.

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