Air India stops ‘free’ service, government officials have to buy tickets


  • Air India has been providing free services to government officials since 2009
  • Government and Air India fixed the cost of air travel
  • For a long time the government had also stopped paying Air India

New Delhi: Indian government officials and leaders will no longer be able to travel for free on the airline Air India. The company has discontinued the free service after becoming part of the Tata Group. The government has also ordered all its ministries and departments to clear the dues of the airline at the earliest. From now on, government officials traveling by air from Air India will also have to travel with tickets, till now the government was bearing the expenses.

Air India has had this service since 2009 to allow domestic and international flights to be operated at government expense by officials of the Ministry or Department of the Government of India. The price of his ticket was fixed between Air India and the government. But in the past years, the Government of India has not paid Air India.

Now the government has privatized Air India and the company has joined the Tata group. The Tata group has now discontinued the credit facility on kitik purchases of Air India.

It is noteworthy that the management process of Air India was also hampered due to heavy debt. Even the company was not able to pay salaries to its employees. During this, the government decided to privatize Air India i.e. sell it to a private company. Later it was bought by the Tata group. Although Air India was also started by the Tata Group, which was later taken over by the government. Now Air India has once again joined the Tata Group.

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