Alarm bells! Delta and Omicron came together; The birth of ‘Deltacron’

Nicosia ,:
Worldwide, the “variant of Corona created by the variant has not calmed down”. While scientists appear to be getting the dangers of these two varieties under control, a shocking pattern has emerged in Cyprus. Experts in Cyprus have found another variant of the coronavirus. Shockingly, the two variants of the coronavirus, Delta and Omicron, have merged to form the new variant. Experts have named this new variant of Delta and Omicron. So far, 25 Deltacron patients have been found in the country, according to Leonidos Kostrikis, head of the Biotechnology and Molecular Virology Laboratory and

professor at the University of Cyprus. A panel of experts said most patients admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with coronary artery disease had double infections. Delta and Omicron patients are currently being reported. Now a new type has been added who is a mixture of these two variants, Kostrikis told a local TV station. It is currently unknown what he will do after leaving office. The features of the new variant are similar to those of the two previous variants. In particular, this new variant has not yet been officially approved by the World Health Organization or any other international organization.

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