Ananya Pandey’s troubles increase; The NCB called again on Monday for questioning


  • Ananya Pandey’s troubles increase
  • The NCB called for a re-investigation on Monday
  • Ananya Pandey was the navigator during the interrogation

Mumbai: Actress Ananya Pandey was interrogated for four hours on Friday for the second day in a row in the Aryan Khan drug case. But Ananya will be interviewed again on Monday. The suspect needle of the drug control bureau investigating the Aryan Khan drug case has now fallen on Ananya Pandey. When he checked Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat, it turned out that he had been talking to Ananya Pandey about drugs. That is why the NCB has summoned them for questioning. Accordingly, she was questioned on Thursday and Friday. Now he was summoned for questioning again on Monday. At first glance, this shows that Ananya Pandey’s problems are increasing.

Ananya looked nervous during the interrogation
Ananya Pandey was summoned to the NCB office for questioning at 11 a.m. on Friday. But she came to the NCB office at half past twelve for interrogation. The NCB confiscated two phones and a laptop from Ananya Pandey on Thursday. On both days, Ananya was interviewed by the NCB’s Zone Director, Sameer Wankhede. Ananya’s phone and laptop are checked. Ananya looked very nervous when she came to the NCB office for questioning on Friday. She came to the NCB office with her father. Chunky Pandey was then placed outside the office. Ananya was taken straight to Sameer Wankhede’s cabin. Ananya was interrogated in the presence of female officers. She looks a little confused as she answers questions. While answering many questions, she replied that I don’t remember anything.

Drugs were discussed between Aryan and Ananya
Aryan’s WhatsApp chat has been investigated by the NCB. It turns out that Aryan and Ananya were talking about drugs on different days. There was talk of “weeds”, “marijuana” means “marijuana”. In the same conversation, Ananya told Aryan that he had used marijuana. He also said he wanted to use marijuana again. She had also sent Aryan the number of the drug dealer. When Sameer Wankhede asked about Ananya’s chat in it, she said it was all a joke. She also stated that she had never used drugs. Her conversation with Aryan revolved around cigarettes. During the interrogation, Ananya Wankhede said that he smoked cigarettes.

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