And did the leopard really come on the set of ‘What do you want from my world?’


  • The leopard shown in the series is in conversation in the audience
  • Was the real leopard on set?
  • The leopard was captured on CCTV

Mumbai– The series “What do you want from my world and what do you want?” Has captured the hearts of the audience in a very short time. Based on the disappearing family system in today’s world, this series has captivated audiences. The cast and plot of the series are loved by the audience. At the same time, everyone’s favorite Ranada, Hardik Joshi, stars in the series. But one of the scenes featured in the series is currently hotly debated on social media. The series recently featured a leopard in the village. The scenes in the series may be filmed with the help of technology, but viewers say that the leopard depicted in the series is real.

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The series shows that leopards invaded the village of Gulpoli. In addition, footprints of a leopard were shown in front of Deshmukh’s house and pictures of a leopard were shown in a laptop. The audience realized that the leopard in this footage is real. Now the audience is wondering if this is a real leopard or if it’s a real leopard. The series is shot in Nashik. According to locals, a leopard was seen on the set a few days before the series was shot. The real leopard, which was captured with CCTV cameras at the time, is now shown as a plot in the series.

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The plot is now advanced with footage of a real leopard. The series will show that the leopard will attack in the village of Aditi and Siddharth will rescue her from this crisis. Although the leopard featured in the series looks real, the series team has not provided any information.

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