At our festivals, women don’t walk around with ugly foreheads, so why such an advertisement?


  • Shefali rejects models who do not wear a tikli at Hindu festivals
  • Shefali’s post goes viral on social media
  • Shefali Vaidya’s campaign is successful

Mumbai– Popular writer and blogger Shefali Vaidya saw and rejected actress Sonali Kulkarni’s unpublished ad in a newspaper. The reason was the wrong conception of Hindu traditions. At every Hindu festival, married women or little girls celebrate Asude Tikli. But the advertising didn’t rest on the model’s forehead. Even so, she was promoting jewelry for Diwali. So Shefali raised his voice and started the hashtag ‘No Tikli, No Business’ and that hashtag became very popular. With this hashtag, Shefali has objected to the models the brand displays for the consumption of their goods during Hindu festivals.

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Shefali wrote in a post: “O feminist, if you are not wearing kumkum then dance in your usual dirty incarnation, that is your question. I have not issued a fatwa that all women should wear bindi. People who issue fatwas are different and then you support everything from the burqa to FGM as ‘It’s cultural you know’. I am clearly telling brands to remember that Diwali is a Hindu festival when promoting Diwali products. If you don’t want Hindu money, learn to respect Hindu traditions and customs. At our festivals, women with ugly foreheads don’t look like pregnant women, so why should that be in advertising? When I started the No Bindi No Business hashtag, it was clear that this was a decision for me. I have hard earned money, I’ll choose what to spend it on. The hashtag became trending because many others thought it was like me. I was just waiting for this rattle. So far, the hashtag has been viewed by almost seven million people on Twitter alone.

He continued, “Even if half of them really take this to heart, the brand will have to change drastically, and that’s where the Walk Liberals are waiting.” Because they see it clearly. The more personal mud fights happen to me, the more this idea reaches as many people as possible, and that’s what I mean. Without spending a dime on advertising, my thoughts reached millions of people on Facebook and Twitter today. Shefali Vaidya had already stated in clear words that this was his personal decision. Shefalis Post is hugely supported by the fans. Many agree with him. Some are seen against Shefali. However, because of this hashtag from Shefali, many advertisers have put Tikli Photoshop on their models’ foreheads.

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