Attacking players in the name of religion is inhuman; Virat Kohli with support for Shamim

Virat Kohli reacts to cyberattacks on Indian pacemaker Mohammad Shamim Kohli after losing to Pakistan, said those who criticize and attack gamers in the name of religion are inhuman. India lost the World Cup by 10 wickets to Pakistan. Shamim, who did poorly in the match, was confronted with racist insults from many quarters.

“Insulting someone personally in the name of religion is the worst thing a man can do,” said the Indian captain at a press conference ahead of the New Zealand game. This is the work of some spineless cowards. Kohli said that such people who are only on social media are afraid to confront real people. Kohli strongly condemned the attacks on Shamim.

Mohammad Shami is a player who has contributed a lot to the country. Shami has led India to victory in many games. Kohli said Shami has led the Indian pace lineup with Jaspreet Bumra for the past few years. It is better not to speak to those who express unnecessary criticism without seeing it. Kohli added that there was no time for such people.

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and others had previously condemned the attacks on Shamim. This is the first time anyone on the team has responded. “We stand by him and he is 200 percent with us. Such criticism and the brotherhood and friendship between the team members must not remain untouched,” said Kohli.

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