Audience angry with Adish’s elimination, ‘ha’ trend continues on social media


  • The audience is upset at Bigg Boss
  • Netish was furious about Adish Vaidya’s departure
  • Request to bring Adish home

Mumbai– The popular 35mm program ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ is a hot topic on social media. Netizens are very upset with Big Boss. The reason is Adish Vaidya, a member who recently left home. This week, Adish was eliminated and left the house, but Bigg Boss audience didn’t like it very much. So started a new trend in social media. On social media, netizens have called for Adish to return.

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Adish had joined Bigg Boss as a wildcard entry two weeks ago. The audience hoped Adish’s arrival would, and it did, change the equations in the house. With Adish’s arrival, Jay’s feelings of insecurity increased, so that Adish and Jay often argued. At the same time, rumors began to circulate in Team A that Adish had chosen Tim B. But Adish didn’t even have enough time to walk around the house and he came out of the house. So netizens are upset with Bigg Boss. #BringBackAdish is currently posted on social media.

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One user wrote in response, “Oh, he just came. It was fun to watch. And got him out immediately. ‘ Another user wrote: “Adish hit Jay. So it was fun watching Bigg Boss, but now Jay will be king of his mind again. Another user wrote: “Hey Adish knew the game. Adish overwhelmed others. At least Jaya had to be kept indoors, even if she was hit. Those who sit without using their heads are kept in the house and brought out. ‘ Many such reactions have been given by netizens.

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