Audience cheating? Rakhi is not Sawant’s husband, but Bigg Boss’ cameraman


  • Rakhi Sawant and her husband Riteish enter Bigg Boss’ house
  • Another discussion on social media
  • The audience was annoyed

Mumbai: The 15th edition of Bigg Boss Hindi is currently running. However, since the TRP is lower this season than previous seasons, producers are experimenting with new ones. Some of the old mountain candidates will be moved back into the Bigg Boss house. One of these names is Rakhi Sawant. TRP was also up after Rakhi Sawant entered 14 trades. Even in this mountain, Rakhi Sawant got into Bigg Boss’s house by wildcard entry. Her husband came to Bigg Boss’s house along with Rakhi. But right now, another discussion is emerging.

Is this Rakhi’s husband who came home to Bigg Boss? The audience asks itself this question. Three years ago, Rakhi allegedly married a NIR man named Riteish. She also shared a photo but didn’t see her husband’s face. Even if her husband is definitely there, he was everyone who asked such a question.

Even after the marriage, she kept her husband’s identity a secret. But now her husband came to Bigg Boss’s house. But is that her husband? This has raised doubts in the minds of the audience. The audience said that their behavior made both of them feel unlike husband and wife. In addition, Salman Khan had asked Rakhi about her husband. Where did you find it to take to Bigg Boss’s house? This question was put to Rakhi by Salman.

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In addition, Riteish, who came to Bigg Boss’s house, is said to be the cameraman for the same show. Viewers expressed displeasure after it went viral. Many have commented that it is inappropriate for TRP to deceive the audience. Riteish and Rakhi are really husband and wife, why? The game developed for TRP will be released in the next few days.

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