Bangladesh: Koran worshipers identified in Durga Puja mandapa; Revealed by CCTV

Dhaka: The attack on Durga Puja Mandapa in Bangladesh during the Navratri Festival has come to light. Comilla police have identified the person responsible for the violence. This person kept a copy of the Quran in the Durga Mandapa. Riots then broke out in Comilla and elsewhere.

According to police, the defendant was identified as Iqbal Hussain. Hussain, who lives in Sujanagar in the Comilla district, left a copy of the Koran in the tent on October 13th. Police officials said more information about the defendants will be published soon. Police said Iqbal Hussain was the defendant after seeing footage from a CCTV camera near the tent.

Iqbal brought a copy of the Koran from the mosque to the Durga Puja Mandapa. Then he started walking with the crowd near Hanuman’s temple.

The defendant is currently on the run and has not yet been arrested. The accused brother of the accused Iqbal, family members cooperate with the police. The family suspects that someone may have taken advantage of their state of mind to do this.

Comilla police recorded four incidents of violence and 41 people were arrested. Four of the defendants are employees of Iqbal. Iqbal’s mother told the Dhaka Tribune that Iqbal was a drug addict. He suffered a concussion when his neighbors stabbed him in the stomach about 10 years ago.

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