Best Trekking Bikes: Bikes For Every Kind Of Situation

Trekking bikes are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds in recent times. It is not surprising considering the good performance they allow on different terrains. The rise of long routes of several days on different terrains is undoubtedly the main reason for the increase in the use of this type of bicycles. Knowing how to choose the best trekking bikes will allow you to make a good purchase. This way you will be able to make the best investment for your leisure and adventure time, but also for your daily rides around the city.

What Are Trekking Bicycles And What Are They For?

What Is And What Isn’t A Trekking Bike?

A trekking bike is not a city bike that comes with a saddle bag. The best trekking bikes are bikes with very thin wheels that allow you to ride comfortably on the road and for urban use as well as on trails or in the countryside.

What are Trekking Bicycles For?

Trekking bikes are great for adventures and long routes. Mainly because they perform well on both asphalt and mountain terrain. If you are planning a cycling adventure to ride over different terrains the ideal trekking bikes. So you can do it on your own with the best result. And you don’t need a support team to provide you with a different bike every time.

Trekking bikes are ideal as touring bikes. It doesn’t matter if it’s about traditional routes such as the Camino de Santiago or the Vía de la Plata, or self-designed routes through little-traveled places.

But they are also ideal if your budget or the space you have available does not allow you to have more than one bike at home. Choosing urban trekking bikes is the best way to pedal on dirt, mountain and asphalt in the right way. Choosing among the best trekking bikes the right one for you will allow you to fully enjoy your adventure.

Identify Trekking Bikes And Choose The Right One For You

A Good Trekking Bicycle Has Good Equipment

Although in principle the best trekking bikes have good equipment, there are good cheaper models that do without it. On the one hand it is interesting because you can choose yourself the sandle bag that you like, for example. Or decide on the type of water bottles you are interested in. And even if you already have this equipment, you can save money to invest it in the purchase of the trekking bike.

In other words, if you like the bike but you want different equipment, this will not influence your decision to buy it. Of course, it can also be very convenient to choose a model with its equipment already included. It is up to you to choose one or the other.

In any case it is always interesting to have space for at least one front pannier rack.

They Enhance Comfort and Safety for the User in Any Situation

The design and characteristics of the best trekking bicycles should be oriented to facilitate its use in any situation. Always in order to offer the best performance and comfort for the user. And also to improve their safety.
So it is interesting that they have solid wheels with appropriate tires. Between 32 and 40 spokes is ideal for this type of bicycle. The tires must provide good grip and safety. For this purpose, it is ideal to choose wide tires with lugs.
In addition, they should have a sturdy frame and an adequate saddle to allow a comfortable use of the bicycle. Both in urban terrain and on complicated roads. For this, it is ideal to test the saddle and choose a steel or aluminum frame that absorbs the impact produced by the imperfections of the terrain. Especially if you are looking for the best trekking bikes for adventures and long trips, in which you must carry heavy luggage.
Elements such as lights should not be left in the background. For safety, mainly. But also for ease of use at night or in adverse weather conditions.

Number Of Speeds

A good trekking bike should have at least 9 speeds. The best trekking bikes can even have 24 or 27 speeds, but with a triple crankset and 9 or 10 speeds you can have a good model at an economical price.

It is important to keep in mind that in your travels you may find yourself in different situations. Not only because of the type of terrain you ride on. Also by the weight of the luggage you carry. And even your level of fatigue along the way. So being able to choose the right speed will always make it easier to use your trekking bike.

The Best Trekking Bikes Are Very Lightweight

While the basic models are heavier, the advanced models are under 13 kilos in weight. Even with all the hiking equipment. This is a very important aspect of bicycle use.

Optional electric assistance

It cannot be categorically stated that the best trekking bikes are those with or without electric assistance. This is a feature that for some users may be very important and for others not at all interesting. So no one better than yourself to decide if you are interested in paying a little more for it, or if it is something totally dispensable for you.

The Type Of Braking System Of Trekking Bikes

Another important aspect is what type of braking system each bike model offers. The best models of trekking bikes have hydraulic discs as they are more efficient and safer.

This way you will be able to identify the best trekking bikes. This will make it easier for you to decide which are the most interesting urban trekking or touring bikes. And thanks to this you will be able to make a better purchase.

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