Bigg Boss shock to the audience? Vishal, hurt by Manjrekar’s speech, made a great decision


  • Vishal was hurt by Manjrekar’s speech
  • Vishal Nikam made a big decision
  • I swear I won’t play in any group anymore

Mumbai– ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ is currently being discussed on social media. This week there were several shouts from members of the household. There was a heated argument between Jay and Vikas. Gayatri, on the other hand, injured himself during the task and was capitalized by Team A. After this whole affair, Vishal Nikam and Meenal had a dispute. In this week’s Bigg Boss match, Mahesh Manjrekar gave Vishal tenth number. Manjrekar said he did not treat Vishal Sonali and Meenal properly. After that, hurt by Manjrekar’s speech, Vishal made a big decision and shocked everyone.

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Manjrekar explained to Vishal, “Why are you talking to Sonali and Meenal like that? Why do you underestimate them? They play their own game. Why are you going to fix it? Your speech is very bad. It looks like this. Why are you talking so sweetly to Sonali and Meenal? ‘ Vishal then said to Manjrekar, ‘If someone in my group is wrong, shouldn’t I explain it to him?’ But here, too, Manjrekar Vishal listens. So Vishal is injured and says he won’t play with any team anymore. Sitting alone, Vishal says, “People around you cause more trouble. It is no longer tolerated. I don’t have anyone here, I don’t belong to any group. From today, from now. ‘

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His fans can also be seen against Vishal’s decision. But Vishal’s decision is likely to cause even more problems at home. Now viewers are paying attention to how Vishal will play.

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