Must Have Tools For Every Bloggers To Maximize Revenue

Must Have Tools For Every Bloggers To Maximize Revenue

by Amrit March 08, 2019
Must Have Tools For Every Bloggers To Maximize Revenue

Hi guys How are you all? I think you all are fit & fine.

So, Today I want to share all recommended must have tools for every bloggers/webmaster to increase their revenue and earn high profits. I am recommending all the below products after experiencing myself because I don’t want to share any product or services which is not good for my audience.

Best Hosting for every Newbie Bloggers

#1. Bluehost

As you know guys Hosting is the basic & most important key of every bloggers. Every new blogger need a good platform to host their Site/Blog. Most importantly if you are in this competition & want to rank higher on Search Engine then you need a better Hosting.

If your hosting is not reliable then you are out from this race. So, if you ask me the best hosting Company for start your blogging career then I will recommend you for Bluehost.

For more details You can read full Bluehost review.

Collect Payments Online & Create Free Digital Store (Indian’s Only)

#2. Instamojo

Instamojo is a great platform to create your own free digital store. Previously I used Instamojo for collecting online payments from my valuable clients. Instamojo provides a free online store where you can add digital products & they also provides a specified link to promote your products.

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When your clients purchase your products automatically that money added on your Instamojo wallet. You can Withdraw that money any time.

The best Thing about instamojo is that you don’t need to pay for any monthly/weekly/yearly subscription.

Sign Up Now on Instamojo & You will get Rs. 500 on your first sell (Extra)

Affiliate Network

#3. SharASale

SharASale is a Affiliate marketplace & backbone for every bloggers who want to generate revenue by promoting SharASale products. Find a sponsor at ShareASale. Promote their Products through your blog & earn money spontaneously.

Sign Up & Start Making Money with ShareASale

Webmaster Tool

Previously it was Google Search Console which is now called as Webmaster Tool, is a very important & must have tool for every webmaster. This tool helps to track your site’s search engine performance on google.

Their is lot’s of tools available to check your site’s performance, backlinks, keywords performance & more.

Sign Up On Google Search Console

Keywords & Backlinks Research

#4. Free Methods for Keyword Research

There is a tool called Keyword Planner for choosing the right keyword. The tool will help you by showing keyword’s suggesting bid, competition, average monthly search results to explore your right keywords.

On the other way there is another tool called & Keywords Everywhere is freely available for newbie bloggers for choosing the right keyword & also to survive in this competition.

#5. All in One Marketing Toolkit (Paid)

This is a Paid Marketing Toolkit which is called as SEMrush. SEMrush has 3 + Million User & I am also using their services. They are providing all that things which is required for ranking higher on Search Engine. You can also check other your competitor’s strategy for competing with Them.

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If I start writing about SEMrush‘s Feature it will be a long post so Don’t waste your time if you are serious about marketing your site then I will recommend you to purchase SEMrush because there services are awesome & you will thankful to me later.

Guys I am providing you 7 days trial at SEMrush to explore your keywords, backlinks, Advertising Research, Organic Research, Product Listing Ads, Domain Vs Domain Competitive Research, Keyword Magic Tools, Gather your all data in one elegant custom pdf reports & enjoy your marketing journey.

Start Your 7 Days Trial On SEMrush

E-mail Automation Tools

#6 Aweber

E-mail Marketing is nowadays the most needy strategy for every bloggers or Company. Aweber makes it easy. Aweber provides attracted eye catching sign up & pop up for collecting your website viewer’s or clients email address.

You can also send professional looking E-mail to your subscribers & e-mail automation tool giving you a great opportunity to build your brand & managing customer relationship.

No coding or design skills needed in aweber.

They also provides Clicks Tracking system, free image hosting, split testing, Bounce auto-removal, RSS to email, 24 * 7 Customer Service & more.

Start your 30 days Trail of Aweber for Free and start Making Money

Recommended Books For You:

From my Childhood I always love to read books in my free time & I don’t love to waste my valuable time. If you want to get success in your life of blogging then you must read entrepreneurs books which will be helpful for my readers or subscribers. I have read all the below mentioned books which helped me a lot in this competitive career in blogging.

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Your Earning depends on your learning!

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (My Fav)
  2. The Entrepreneur Mind
  3. The Lean Start Up
  4. Think And Grow Rich
  5. How Successful People Think
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