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How To Choose a Profitable Blog Niche in 2019

how to choose a profitable blog niche

Want to start a blog? But you’re not sure about what to write in your blog or what would be your blog niche (topics). Or, maybe you have an idea but you’re not sure if it works or not. (In short, Blog Niche means the Topic of Blog)

Here Expert says when you’re finding your blog niche,

Follow Your Passion


Find a topic what you love truly and can write well

You might have a thousand ideas pondering on your mind. Or, you’re just struggling to come up with just one.

No matter if you didn’t find any profitable niche for your blog because I’m here to help you by providing all of the most popular and profitable niches which most of the bloggers are using.

Starting a blog is quite fun, on the other hand choosing a niche for your blog is quite tough. Many Newbie bloggers start writing about one topic and jumping to another topic on the very next day.

You write about Best Laptops today, then tomorrow you write about health and fitness topics and on the next week you write about Political News. This kind of blog never attracts a targeted audience because of the wrong setup.

For example, Yourswriter.Com is a blog for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

Its niche is to help people to start a blog, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and so on. I know it sounds like a lot of topics, but if you look closely, all are the part of Internet Marketing/Blogging/Entrepreneurship niche.

Now the main question is how to choose a niche for my blog? Check out the below tips to find your blog niche.

A Few Tips To Find Your Blog Niche

While finding on Your Blog niche, you need to think about a few important things:

If you are blogging for profit, you must avoid choosing a topic that gets a lot of traffic but gets no revenue.

For an Example Topics Like,

        • Free Music/Movie Download
        • Wallpaper Download
        • Free Sms
        • Quote
        • Whatsapp/Facebook Tips
        • etc

All the above niches get lots of traffic but it wouldn’t generate very much money.

Similarly, don’t pick a niche that is tough to write for you.

So, you should ask me, What’s a good niche?

A good niche is what is related to what you like, as well as traffic and also have a good financial value. Furthermore, your niche should have a well future & your readers must have an interest in those topics.

Here are 4 important things you must remember before picking a niche:

        1. Your Interest
        2. Market Value (CPC)
        3. Monthly/Yearly Searches
        4. Future of The Topic

Now, just look at the ideas which will help you to choose the right niche for yourself. If you have already chosen a niche which is not perfect or being blogging on multiple things, don’t worry, you can change your niche anytime.

1. Choose Something You love to talk About

Starting a blog from scratch is really a funny journey. Just buying a domain, connecting your domain with a hosting server, Setting up your blog by installing WordPress and customizing your blog design and writing your first article is absolutely an exciting experience. But, most of the people stop blogging after a few months because they lose interest in blogging. So, it’s important to like a niche or topic that you want to learn more and talk about.

Sometimes it depends on your hobby, your work or anything that you like to talk about. You don’t need to be an expert on that topic, you just need a topic that gets you excited when talking about that.

Here are some questions I asked before blogging to pick my Blog niche,

      • What your hobby is?
      • Which topic do you love to talk about hours without getting bored?
      • What types of books do you love to read about?
      • How do you spend your spare time?
      • What do you love reading or learning about?
      • One thing what would you do without any salary? Yes, it shows your passion. But don’t worry you can make money blogging.

Still confused with your topic? Try this exercise to figure out your topic. Now, How do you make sure which topic interests you? Here’s a quick test to ensure your interest. Take a pen and paper. Now make a list of your interested topics like smartphones, Bollywood, country music, etc.

Now just write down 20 blog post ideas that you can write about. This exercise will help you to choose your passionate topic in blogging.

2. Do Market Research

No matter what topic you choose to write about, there is already a lot of bloggers there in that niche. So, you make sure about your visitor’s need which you can fulfill with your writings.

With small market research, you can ensure that there are profitability and competition in the market for your topic.

For example, Yoga is one of your favorite hobbies and you want to start a blog about it. Now, you need to research if this topic has a good enough audience and research about your topics competition.

You might be thinking about, Where can I start researching my blog topic?

So, now you can start researching your topic with Google Trends. Type “Yoga” to see your topics audience interest and how many people are searching about your topic on the search engines.

Google Trends Report

This is a very important step before choosing your blog niche because this graph will show your blog topics interest is stable, increasing or decreasing over time. Avoid topics that are decreasing in interest over time to build a long lasting blog.

However, you can see, Yoga looks like a great topic to blog about. Over the last 6 years, the interest for this niche has been stable and it’s continuing to increase. This means this topic has a good enough audience and it’s a great topic to choose for your blog.

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3. Choose a Smaller Niche

Let’s research what types of competition you have for your blog topics. Search for your topic on Google and see how many search results appear for your blog topic.

choose a smaller niche

Of course, the topic “Yoga” looks like to be too broad of a phrase to target, and there are a lot of websites are competing for it. To avoid competing with big authority websites, you should choose a smaller niche.

Search results

If you scroll down to end on google search results page, you’ll find some other related search phrase. Choose a search phrase and test it on Adwords Keyword Planner to find how many peoples are searching the particular phrase every month.

benefits of yoga

The phrase “Benefits of Yoga” seems to be a great niche for a blog. It gains around 10k – 100k visitors per month and has low competition.

yoga more research

And, You can also discover more low competitive keywords and can target them through your blog posts.

4. Make Sure it’s Profitable

If you’re planning about to earn money from your blog, then you should make sure that your niche is profitable to help monetize your blog and also help you to earn a good income.

The best way to test your niche is profitable or not is just to search your niche phrase on google if there is any brands or businesses that are advertising for your blog keywords. If people are advertising on Google Adwords on your niche targeted keywords then You’ve picked the right niche for your blog.

This means you can easily monetize ads on your blog with Google Adsense ads. Although, the better and more profitable option to earn money with your blog content would be to sell affiliate products on your blog.

yoga mat keyword research
Their amazon affiliate is a great option to sell their products & get a handy commission from Amazon. Whenever you send a buying customer to Amazon, you’ll get around a 10 percent commission on every product they buy from your unique link.

You can write reviews about Yoga mats & other keywords related to your blog niche in your blog and you can make best yoga practice shoes, pants, apparel while linking to these Amazon Affiliate products to turn your hard work into money.

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5. Conclusion :

Finally, I would like to tell you once you find a niche for your blog, start writing unique content that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Try to be consistent and try to post your content according to a schedule. It will take a few months to rank on google and then you start watching hundreds of visitors coming to your blog and purchasing products from your affiliate links. So, be motivated and post all your work patiently because there are no quick rich formulas that are available in this world. After a few months, you will see the successful results of your hard works.

Hey this is Amrit & welcome to my stories. Follow me to learn more.


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