Top 20 Reasons Why People Blog

why people blog

Hi, guys, this is Amrit & Today we will discuss the benefits of blogging & the reasons why people blog.

Today Blog is one of the essential parts and also the most needed tools worldwide.

The blog is an open platform where people get advice, get some personal experience from experts, tips on what to do and what do not, get solved from their problems, get entertained and so on.

Also if someone needs advice or wants to share a personal experience about a niche, they can write a blog.

After the birth of Blogs, Traditional Writing has taken a back seat.

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Ink is exchanged with Keyboards, also Paper is replaced by Computer Screen and now Authors targeted globally by their contents.

After the revolution of Blogging, traditional Writing turns into Blog Contents and Blog contents get a reaction from the whole worldwide.

Generally, Blog is a Personal Online diary & it was discovered for typically solving boyfriend/girlfriend problems and concerning tech news.

But after the revolution of modern blog, Now Blog is Called the essential Web Journal to live on Internet Planet. Because if you start typing about anything in Google or other search engines, There you will get 250-3000 words content, related to your query which is published by a blogger on his website.

So, without a blog today we like a cricketer with hockey sticks. It means if one day all blogs are disappeared we will never survive.

Here is a full guide about the affection of blog in people, benefits of blogging & the reasons why people blog.

Top 20 Reasons Why People Write Blogs :

1. Building a Community

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a great method of meeting with new people globally or locally. It helps to grow ideas and relationships beyond Geographical partition. You can easily connect with your family, friends or followers to let them aware of what you deliberate about certain topics. You can ask them to share their opinions about your content and comment if their missing something or can ask them to share the important happening in their lives.

The most important benefit of blogging is to build a community of trust & that’s why People blog.

2. Passion For Writing

Why People Blog

Passion for Writing is the most common reason for people who starts blogging.

Many people like to write and they like to write about anything, as an example, one of my friends was a good writer he loves to make stories & he started a blog about new stories and now he is a best story seller on amazon.

People who are passionate about writing anything that can help out others can start blogging. However, some people love to write about their knowledge, they don’t care about the best blogging platform, How to get more traffic and how to get more comments on their blog. They just love to write whatever they get interested in.

However, you can understand that blogging out of passion should be the biggest reason why people start blogging.

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3. Popularity

Benefit of blogging

People love to follow successful people and when it comes to blogging there are a lot of successful people are available who attracts people to start a blog. As an example, Shout me loud’s Harsh Agarwal is my first motivation to start a blog and helping out people How to make money with a blog without having tension to go to the office at 10 am & come home late night.

When I was a kid, I love Sourav Ganguly (famous Cricketer) and wants to become a cricketer like Ganguly. When I used to see movie actors and posters, I wanted to become a Film Star.

Not Only Me, This is a Human Tendency To Follow Successful People.

This also applies to Every Bloggers Blogging carrier. When People see successful bloggers like, Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Tim Ferriss, or others who have money and fame both, then people try to be like them.

This is not a bad perspective but what they forget to think about that all of the famous successful bloggers are blogging because blogging is their passion and it’s like a daily personal diary writing for them.

However, Passion is the base of blogging.

There is quick fame quick get formula just misguided reason for starting a blog. This is absolutely not possible. I’m Sorry.

Behind Every Success, there is a lot of barriers, and if you want to be a successful blogger, realize that it will take you some time to go there.

You need to move forward, It’s impossible to jump.

4. Money

make money Blogging

Most people start a blog because they heard about some professional blogger’s monthly/yearly income ratio and thinks to write about a few things, click a few buttons and they can make a lot of money. It’s totally wrong.

There are most of people start blogging for money. And before you start to make money blogging I want to clear your doubt that,

If You are Passionate about writing Then start a blog

Otherwise, you will stop blogging after a few days and will be disappointed.

Blogging is a passion, You can make money with “Traditional Job” out there in the market. But if you are passionate about blogging then you will never think a lot about money.

Most Truly blogging carrier has a lot of money if you’re passionate about your content. Because think that you started a blog and after 3 months it’s revenue is zero then you will be disappointed but passionate writers never get disappointed because they know that they’re getting every day 10-100 visitors to their blog and they can attract their readers with their writings.

Also If you have a knowledge of make money blogging then it’s easy to get success quickly, but if you do not have then you should have a well-planned sketch for your blog, plan to post in a schedule and targeting a profitable niche.

5. Starting a New Business

benefit of blogging for business

Sometimes a blog starts out as a hobby Blog and turns into a full-time business blog.

You can also start out a new business of blogging.

Here is an example that proves the benefit of blogging for business,

As an example, Harsh Agarwal started his journey of blogging as a hobby blogger by creating and quit call center job and become a professional blogger. Now he generates almost $40055 every month.

There are a lot of people who are making money by blogging, you can start too at first choose a profitable niche for your blog and start your blog.

6. Advertising Your Brand

benefit of blogging for advertising

One of the most common benefits of blogging for business is free advertising that’s why most of the people start a blog.

Some Brand starts a blog to promote their own brand and get more sales of their digital or physical products.

The Internet world is the largest community and today every brand has a website, where they post an article that helps to get more leads to their brand.

Also, they connect with people by getting clients reviews about their products.

The blog is a great platform to start branding of products.

You can also tell about your product’s features, how it works and so on.

Notify your readers about launching Your new products and try to be active by answering their query on the same time.

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7. Get immediate Feedback

why people blog

An author has to wait for months to finish -> publish -> Reading Reviews his/her books but bloggers get his/her reader’s reviews while publishing his/her blog content.

Blogging makes it easy to get feedback immediately from readers, that’s why most of the traditional Us author turns into a daily base blogger.

8. To connect with Similar People

benefits of blogging

Blogging helps people to connect with targeted audiences who think alike.

When you blog on a particular topic, they help your thoughts forward. Through a blog, lots of ideas share on a web journal that couldn’t have been able to be otherwise.

9. Become a Better Writer

why people blog

To become a Better writer people must focus on writing pages and pages, day after day.

Definitely, that’s actually a blogger or a daily dairy writer spends his/her time on doing. The more you blog, The more you writer and a beginner to Professional Writer you become.

Try to schedule your favorite topics one by one on an excel sheet and try to publish on a time schedule base to become a better writer.

The rarest benefits of blogging are people try to write better than his/her competitor & become a better writer.

10. Become a Self Published Author

benefits of blogging

If you want to publish a book at first you need a Publisher and you have to invest more to publish your content. But after the revolution of the digital world, it’s very easy to become a self-published author and you can make money with your contents.

There some authors use Amazon kindle to self publish their books at the zero cost. Here is a quick guide on how you can make money with Amazon Kindle.

Some Amazon Kindle Book Publisher promotes his/her writing in their Personal blog related to their books to generate more sales.

Finally, When you’re going to write a book, the benefits of blogging helps people to know about you and your book that’s why people blog.

11. To Help Others

Benefits of blogging

There is a lot of blogs are written to help others and also to figure out people’s problem.

As an example, Medical disease, Parenting, Boyfriend girlfriend relation problems, Depression, Website Problems, Security and so on. It is very difficult to talk to someone personally on the above topics.

Such blogs are like a god blessing for their followers and these blogs get targeted recurring visitors.

Their some people love to help others and they start helping others with their writings.

12. Freedom

why people start blogging

This is one of the natural reasons why people blog.

Nowadays everyone wants to get freedom which means free from any order of boss.

According To some of the most successful bloggers, freedom is one of the most newer reasons why people start a blog and quit their job when they get revenue from blogging.

If you have a writing job in 4 hours in your own Home, Who wants a daily 8 hours of job outside Home?

If you are your own boss in your office, then Who will work in another office where you have to follow your boss?

Personally I think Job is a kind of Just Obey Your Boss and every blogger wants freedom from Job.

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13. Stays in Touch

Personal blogs are kind of a medium that connects people with their family, friends, and relatives, whom you cannot see every day.

To let them realize what you feel about them and make them feel special some people start a personal web blog.

14. Build Trust Online

Trust is a golden object in the community online. You can’t buy trust. It has to be earned by revealing loyal commitments you committed with your readers time after time. One of the most benefits of blogging is trust with your readers.

That’s why exactly successful bloggers try to post daily with their honey articles on their blog. The more people you have earned their trust more you can reach quickly towards your goal online.

15. Establish Yourself as an Expert of Your Field

Anyone can start a blog on any topic you like. Some people love gaming, developing, and they are good in their own field so they start a blog on their self liked topic.

After a while when people start to know about your blog they say, “Wow he is a Gaming Blog Expert” and from this, you try to discover more like an expert. However, Experts must have a blog to self promote.

Have you watched Facebook memes? Yup we used to laugh when scrolling news feed but behind the post, there is a lot of hard creative works there to make a meme.

Like that if you’re best on a particular topic then start a blog & promote yourself without anyone’s help.

16. To satisfy Your Creative Part

why people blog

Some peoples are too creative with their works. Sometimes you are not sure of expressing that openly, you afraid of their acceptance, or you’re not too sure about how to start something like that, blogs are the best medium to express your creativity worldwide.

This creativeness not only attracts more readers to your workpiece but also gives a lot of confidence towards your work.

In this way, you can also sell your projects for earning a lot of money.

As an example, There one of my friends is a very good sketch painter. He started a blog about his sketch portfolio and in a few months he got a lot of readers on his blog & after a few months he got a lot of sketch painting offers. Now, He delivers Worldwide sketch painting portfolio’s.

So, you can also try your luck in this field.

17. Create a History

By writing online Web Blogs anyone can create a history for the future, for personal use like child, family, and relatives that they can mention that in the future.

18. To Gain more knowledge

benefits of blogging

Once you’re starting a blog need a minimum knowledge to start, but after a while, you have to know about more things day by day which will help you to succeed in your field.

Every day you need to upgrade yourself by reading other blogs, books too in your niche.

As an example, when I started out I had minimum knowledge of blogging, but I’m upgrading myself by reading lots of things every day to gain more knowledge in my field.

You must have to update yourself every day to look unique too because there is a lot of competition in blogging, so you need to be updated every day.

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19. To Create Awareness

There are many blog sites are created to aware people, such as quit smoking, healthy foods blog, yoga meditation, weight loss dieting blog and so on. These blogs are creating awareness on how to live well & on other topics too.

People selling affiliate or their own products of quit smoking nicotine gums, protein supplements, yoga course videos, weight loss supplements and so on to make money blogging.

20. Learn more from Followers

benefit of blogging

Most of the Bloggers spend their time sharing ideas with their readers. But if you listen, you can find that readers too share a lot with you. The benefit of blogging is to learn from your readers.

I learn a lot of things on Yourswriter from your comments, tweets, e-mail suggestions and also from your post in these forums. All that information helps me to write better and to know also what content is helpful for my readers, what type of content they want from us and what product will be helpful for my readers because I want to recommend the genuine product which will help my readers to grow on their field.

As an example, If you have a company of Beauty Products, You need to connect with your clients and you must have to ask every customer to give feedback,

Hey John, I’m from xyz beauty company. You just have purchased our products on 25th april, 2019. We need a short review about our products which you just purchased is helpful or not. We are Thankful for your reviews so we can make our products more better for our customers. Thank You 🙂

Because feedback is one of the most important things where you can learn from Your followers or clients.

If your customer is giving feedback, it means they want to stay with you but you need to improve your products. On the contrary, if your customers are not giving feedback then they can join with your competitors without knowing you so you need to connect with your followers & need a blog to get a review from your followers.


After listing of 20 biggest benefits of blogging or why people blog, I still think I’ve left a lot unsaid. A blog is a medium of connecting people with your writing, and you can use this platform for anything that you want, just you need a passion for your writings.

There are most of the entrepreneurs used blogs for the benefit of blogging for business, marketing, promoting, growing your new business, connecting with the customer, people, friends, getting feedback from clients and so on.

You can read also my other article related to your terms.

If you think I’ve missed something big benefits of blogging, you can comment below to help me know about my faults and will try to improve for you.

Thank You 🙂

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