Bollywood’s Harish Patels Hawa in Hollywood, Rangali ‘Eternals’


  • Harish plays a role in “Eternals”
  • Bollywood star Danka in Hollywood
  • Hollywood actor pays compliments to Harish Patel

Mumbai– Marvel Universe’s new movie “Eternal” has just hit the screens. The film received rave reviews from audiences. The film met with a great response from the audience. Despite the new story and the unknown superheroes, the audience loved her. The performance of each actor in the film ‘Eternals’ is valued by the audience. Likewise, Hollywood is about the acting of Bollywood actor Harish Patel. Hollywood actor Kumail Nanjiani has praised Harish’s performance.

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Harish played an important role in the movie “Eternals”. Actor Kumail, who plays the lead role in Harish’s film, has Kinjo as his assistant. Kinjo is an actor. So Harish or Karun is his assistant. Harish got big screen time in the movie. At the same time, his jokes are immensely entertaining to the audience. The timing of Harish’s comedy is treasured in Hollywood. The producers are happy with the success of the film and also showed another Harish poster.

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Harish auditioned for the film in 2019. Harish was then called from Hollywood. Harish said in an interview: “This film gave me a different identity. Why not at this age, but the audience is starting to recognize me. People used to call me Ebu Hatela from the movie ‘Gunde’. Indian audiences are delighted to see Harish in the film and Hollywood audiences have forgotten about him. Harish is showered with admiration from all levels.

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