Can Omicron be used at home? See what the experts are saying …

Washington, USA:
Can the “Coronavirus” form be identified through corona tests at home? Such a question may have occurred to many. So the answer to this question is yes … but while the accuracy of the tests done at home is poor, the experts believe that these tests are useful for prevention. According to some US health authorities, Omicron is often not tested when the “viral load” is low. Government recommendations on the use of home testing have not changed. However, Corona can be helpful in recognizing an infection immediately. The President of the College of American Pathologists, Dr. “The

most important thing is that these test kits manage to find the Covid-19,” says Emily Volk. Whether the virus is in delta form, alpha form or omicron form … Government scientists are investigating whether it is still suitable for testing new forms of Covid. According to information from the FDA this week, it is possible to identify Omicron in a rapid test. However, infections are often not recognizable when the “viral load” is low. Although the accuracy of the home test is somewhat poor, it has many advantages. It will allow you to take better care of your family and friends, says American infectious disease specialist Dr. said Anthony Fawcett.

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