Case: Kapil Sharma flees the Maldives after a controversial tweet

Mumbai: The famous comedian entertained the audience because of his controversy. Now, for the first time, he will be featured on Netflix’s stand-up comedy platform that makes people laugh. Not only that, with the help of this stand-up he will also tell the ups and downs of his life in a funny way. The first episode of “Kapil Sharma – I’m Not Done It” will air in 190 countries on Netflix on January 28th. Kapil shared a video about the event on his social media. He looks very excited in this video. In addition, he kept the fans informed about the event in a funny way. More interesting is the second video where Kapil gives a funny talk about the related tweet controversy. In this video, Kapil tells the story of one of his controversial tweets. He said he would have to travel to the Maldives for eight to nine days immediately after tweeted. Not only that, he also wanted to file a case against Twitter.

Kapil fled to the Maldives via Twitter

In the video, Kapil says, “I left the Maldives for eight or nine days. When I went to the Maldives and told the people in the hotel give me a room where there is no internet. They asked me if I was married, but I didn’t tell them I was tweeting. You can’t believe I had to spend Rs 9 lakh for all the days that I stayed there. It didn’t cost me that much to learn in my life. It cost me a fortune to write that one line. ‘

Take care of the case on Twitter

Kapil said, “I am considering raising a case on Twitter. Because when politicians tweet, their tweets are followed by manipulated tweets. Under the tweet I made it said, ‘No drink tweet, just ignore it’. Why don’t i have any money? Sometimes I don’t even understand the system in your country. If I say something last night, talk to me all night and clear the subject. Because my thoughts are different in the morning. ‘

All of those tweets weren’t mine

Kapil says in his comical guess: “Today I will tell everyone a truth. That said, the controversial tweets I’ve made so far haven’t been mine. Part of it belonged to Jack Daniels. So some belonged to Johnny Walker. Of course there were some of me. But you can’t blacklist little artists.

What happened to the tweet?

Kapil’s fans were shocked when a series of offensive tweets came out of his grasp. He had written against the judgment against Salman, blaming the system. Not only that, he also used very bad swear words in his tweet. Kapil was heavily criticized for this tweet.

Allegations made against BMC

In one of his tweets, Kapil accused the Mumbai Municipal Corporation of soliciting bribes from him. There has been a lot of controversy about this. Eventually the case was settled. But since then Kapil has tickled publicly several times. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma – I Am Not Done It will air on Netflix from January 28th. This is Kapil’s first stand-up special show on this platform.

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