Cash falls from armored truck

WASHINGTON: Suddenly it was raining notes from an armored truck that was traveling on the San Diego Highway in the United States. Then the money laundering competition began among passers-by. He went with as many notes as he could get his hands on. Now the FBI is asking money launderers to return them. The FBI and the California Highway Patrol are now looking for the fugitives.

‘Please refund’

Anyone who has withdrawn cash should deposit it in the Vista office immediately. “We have a lot of videos of people picking up notes and running away as evidence,” said the California Highway Patrol. The police gave the citizens 48 hours to return the money. After that, criminal proceedings will be initiated against the person concerned. Both had already been arrested in the case, officials said.

The door to the truck with the Federal Reserve money opened

A truck carried a large amount of cash to the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, on Interstate-5 near Carlsbad, California, the truck’s rear doors suddenly opened. This caused a rain of marks on the highway. However, it was not immediately clear how much money was kept in the truck and how much was missing. The FBI and the California Highway Patrol are now looking for the perpetrators.

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The video shows citizens collecting slips of paper on the autobahn

San Diego’s fitness guru Demi Bagby was also there. She shared a video of the incident on Instagram. It shows how she collects money on the highway. In this video you can see her collecting notes with a friend. “This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, someone put money on the freeway and San Diego is closed, it’s literally closed. Oh my god, look at the freeway now, ‘said Bagby in the video.

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Photo released by the police

In this video, notes were seen in the hands of many other people. Two other women were also seen. She was seen withdrawing cash. The FBI has released screenshots of Bagby’s video. “We want to speak to the affected citizens,” said the FBI. A driver covered his license plate with a towel to hide his identity.

Can expect up to 10 years in prison and a fine

The police put the fallen bills in garbage bags. Even so, there was a huge crowd looking for the pieces of paper that had been thrown around. Theft of government property is a crime. As a result, citizens should return the money unsolicited. Theft of state property is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine, according to the CHP and FBI.

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