Center is looking for ‘cheap fuel’ option as compared to petrol and diesel, the price will be only Rs 60


  • Center working on flex fuel for new petrol-diesel option
  • Flex engines are manufactured at a lower cost than electric vehicles
  • If these alternatives are successfully explored, the rising prices of petrol and diesel can be brought down

New Delhi: Before Diwali, the Modi government has given a big relief to the citizens by reducing the excise duty on petrol and diesel. As per the decision, the Center has reduced the excise duty on petrol by Rs 5 and on diesel by Rs 10. Since then many states have cut VAT on petrol and diesel. However, there are some states where petrol and diesel are more expensive. The Modi government at the center is working on a special plan to reduce the cost of expensive petrol and diesel. If an alternative is given, then the car which has to run at Rs 100 per liter of petrol will be able to run on the same car with Rs 60 fuel.

The central government is currently working on the option of flex fuel. The government has been facing a crisis for months due to rising fuel prices. Ethanol blending is underway to reduce fuel prices. But the prices are increasing continuously. The government has worked on flex fuel to get rid of petrol and diesel and people do not have to pay much.

Hemp fuel is an alternative fuel made from a mixture of gasoline and methanol or ethanol. The engine of this fuel is similar to that of petrol, but with some additional components. Flex engines can run on more than one fuel. The specialty of this engine is that it is cheaper than the current electric vehicle.

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