Chemotherapy was in progress while filming “Final”; Unveiled by Mahesh Manjrekar


  • Mahesh Manjrekar overcomes cancer
  • Weight loss of 35 kg during treatment
  • “Finale” filmed while undergoing cancer treatment

Mumbai: Famous actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. His fans were shocked to hear that. Of course, by then, Mahesh had started undergoing cancer treatment. Mahesh also had an operation. After that, Mahesh is now cancer free. Mahesh was operated on at the HN Reliance Foundation Hospital. He stayed in the hospital for a few days. Mahesh gave detailed information on this in the trailer release program for the film ‘Antim’.

What did Mahesh Manjrekar say?
Mahesh Manjrekar said, “I have lost 35 kg. I was diagnosed with cancer when the last movie was in its final stages. As soon as he was diagnosed with cancer, treatment was started. I had chemotherapy at the time. I am very happy to say to all of you that I am now cancer free. ‘

Salman and Ayush helped a lot
Mahesh was asked how you reacted after being diagnosed with cancer. “I was shocked when I found out I had cancer,” he said. I gladly accepted this. Lots of people get cancer. But I knew that these people would patiently fight the disease and survive. So it wasn’t very difficult for me to accept this truth. My whole team looked after and helped. So I had no problem. I was completely normal and worked. This time both Salman and Ayush helped me a lot. ‘

Salman is like a brother to me
Mahesh Manjrekar continued, “I don’t like working in the films that I directed. Because I can’t see myself there. If I make a mistake in a shot, I cannot correct that mistake. But I was a guest actor in this film. I liked that role myself and I did too. I’ve known Salman for many years. He’s like my brother and we have both appeared in a lot of films. So it wasn’t difficult for me to conduct it. I knew exactly what I wanted from him. He did the same. ‘

Mahesh Manjrekar began his film career in 1992 with the Marathi film ‘Jivasakha’. In addition to the Marathi cinema, Mahesh has also appeared in many Hindi films. He has appeared in films such as Plan, Zinda, Musafir, Kante, Das Kahaniyaan, Wanted, Ready and Dabangg. Mahesh Manjrekar most recently played in the Disney hot star web series “1962 The War in the Hill”.

Mahesh Manjrekar is both a great actor and a great director. He has directed such films as Mother, Reality, Diagnosis. In addition to this, Mahesh Manjrekar is also a great dancer. In 2006 she won second place in the dance reality show “Jhalak Dikhla Ja”. Mahesh Manjrekar is currently hosting the Bigg Boss Marathi 3 program.

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