China’s birth rate is falling, putting pressure on the government to stem the population decline

China’s birth rate is at its lowest level since 1978, according to a recent report by The Guardian. The report cites data from the National Bureau of Statistics, a Chinese government agency. The birth rate in 2020 was 8.5 per mille, the lowest since 1978. It is precisely at this point in time that the government is struggling with the population crisis.
The biggest concern for China is that despite all government measures, the country’s natural growth rate has fallen to 1.45 per mille in 2020. The report also said the government is under pressure to prevent a possible population decline after decades of childbirth interventions and recent pressures, including the high cost of living.
Surprisingly, while the Chinese government tries

to increase the birth rate, the birth rate in China has fallen dramatically. A report in the Guardian did not give a reason for the decline in the birth rate. However, demographers have noted the declining number of women of childbearing age and the rising cost of starting a family.
Although China is the most populous country, the birth rate in China has steadily declined in recent years. Despite the relaxation of the “one-child policy”, people in China are no longer ready to give birth. Despite the repeal of the old one-child policy in recent years, China’s young population is rapidly declining and the birth rate has risen, which worries the government.

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