Covid19: Within two years … the first patient with coronary heart disease was found on this island!


  • Avagh jag karonanam bejar
  • However, the first corona patient was found on the island
  • 96% of citizens have been vaccinated

Wellington, New Zealand:

The world has been ravaged by corona infections for two years. In these two years almost all countries in the world were affected by the corona infection, but there was still a part where the corona crisis was not affected. However, the first corona case was also reported in this area. This part is called ‘Cook Island’ …

Cook Islands are part of the South Pacific, which is made up of 15 islands. New Zealand is a free federation. The islands are spread over a total area of ​​about 240 square kilometers. The first coronary artery disease was diagnosed on Cook Island on Saturday.

Currently, the coronavirus appears to be in the form of an omicron virus. While Corona seems to be getting a lot under control, Omicron has again forced some countries to speed up vaccinations and adhere to Corona rules.

The Cook Islands have a population of around 17,000. The vaccination rate is highest here. 96% of citizens are vaccinated.

A 10-year-old boy who flew into the country with his family on Thursday was diagnosed with coronary artery disease, Prime Minister Mark Brown said. The boy had arrived on Cook Island from New Zealand.

Travel to the island was banned after the corona changeover began. However, the tour to New Zealand reopened on January 14th.

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