Deacock refuses to kneel down, dropped from South African team!


  • DeKock was dropped from the South African squad for Tuesday’s T20 World Cup match against the West Indies.
  • There is talk that he was expelled for refusing to take a knee to express support against racial discrimination.
  • The South African team defends itself on its knees against racial discrimination.

South Africa’s aggressive wicketkeeper-batsman Quinton DeKock was on Tuesday ruled out of the T20 World Cup match against West Indies. However, this incident is now being linked to kneeling and protesting racial discrimination.

Actually, the South African Cricket Board has asked its players to join the ongoing campaign against racism before the T20 World Cup. However, the former captain of the team, Quinton Deacock, refused to do so in a personal decision.

Deacock was not included in the playing XI then. DeKock was replaced by Heinrich Klaasen as wicketkeeper. While Ridge Hendrix was included in the team as an opener.
Cricket South Africa agreed that all South African players would be on their knees before the remainder of the match began. The Board said that after considering all relevant developments, the Board stated that a united and sustained protest against racial discrimination was necessary given the history of South Africa.

Players currently take a knee in front of most sports in the world to defend themselves against racial discrimination. Also known as Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter campaign is going on all over the world after the murder of black youth George Floyd by police in America. In which players of various sports are also supporting it. At the start of the game the players kneel down and offer their support against racial discrimination.

In the match against Pakistan on Sunday, the Indian team also took a knee and expressed its support against racial discrimination. However, later many people objected to the statement of the Indian team that they were not speaking against the discrimination going on in the country.

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