DeBook: Ghost Search Abroad

For the Hindi audience fed up with ghost stories in the country, director Jay Krishnan offers what Jay K. In a film called “Debook” he played a ghost game overseas. The film, which is a remake of the Malayalam film “Ezra” by the same director, was released on OTT with the tag “Horror”, but in that sense it is not “Horror”. This film can be seen as an attempt to unravel the intricacies of a mystery. Due to the lack of innovation in the layout and the fact that many questions in the original story cannot be answered,

Not much of an impact. Sam (Imran Hashmi), an officer in a nuclear project, goes to Mauritius for a job with his wife Mahi (Nikita Dutta). Mahi’s parents are against her interfaith marriage. The two live in a luxurious villa in Mauritius. Mahi tries to give the house a “heritage look” and brings such antiques home one after the other. She buys a box of handicrafts and strange things happen in their lives. Both are concerned with their self-confidence when deciding on their gaming activities. Debuk is a method used in ancient Jewish society. There is a belief among Jews that the soul of a dead person who enters the body of a living person and controls his behavior and language is locked in this box. The box this soul is in is called ‘Debook’. Both are concerned with their self-confidence when deciding on their gaming activities. A story played out in Mauritius many years ago, and the search continues to the story of a Jewish man. What happens next? Who exactly is the soul in this ‘debook’? What’s his story? How does this soul hurt Mahi, Sam? Will they get rid of it later or will a new guy show up? To find answers to these questions, take a look at Debook. Many scenes from the typical horror Bollywood film can be seen here.

There are terrible images in the mirror, a hanging girl, a hand coming out of a closet, blood falling from a chandelier, a persona suddenly jumping in the air, a sound that suddenly comes to your ear after a few seconds of silence bumps. At the end of our film, the ghost scene is only shown in the synagogue in Mauritius. The film manages to both entertain and inform. Background music and camera work in the film are ineffective. So the thrill of ‘horror’ doesn’t apply here. The necessary “element of surprise” in this story, which takes place abroad against a certain background, does not appear here; We also see no connection between the history of the Jewish people, some of the things that happened then, and the heroes and heroines that occur in the present context. Some of the things about Jewish citizens are certainly fascinating; But that’s not all. Imran Hashmi and Nikita Dutta live up to their respective roles. The role of Manav Kaul, Denzil Smith, is also relevant. The film manages to both entertain and inform. All in all, the thrill of ‘Debook’ isn’t as bright as expected. Even if time doesn’t pass, Imran Hashmi fans will easily rely on the opportunity to watch movies.

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