‘Devmanus 2’ series in an exciting twist; But the departure of this actress?

Mumbai: The series ” On the small screen ” has made a permanent place in the minds of the audience. Last year, the first episode of the series said goodbye to the audience. Actor Kiran Gaikwad, who plays the main role in this series, was also very much appreciated. After the last episode of this series, viewers longingly waited for the second episode. Now the series has reached the audience. The new episode of the series is also becoming

increasingly popular. Devisingh came to the village on Nat. But Dimple is convinced that he is Devisingh and is the one who killed Saloni. So Dimple is collecting evidence against him; But Devisingh does not apply anything to them. In this fight to gather evidence for the two of them, Devisingh decides to remove Dimple’s thorn. Next week on the series, viewers will see Devisingh launch a fatal assault on Dimple. Will Dimple survive or will their journey end? The public will soon find out.

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