“Dhamaka” by Kartik Aryan

Abhishek Khule

“Whatever news you see is not true. Kyun ki sach ke liye wakt lagta hai aur wakt audience ke paas nahi hain … It is the actor’s job to convey to the audience what the writer / director wants to convey. In the case of ‘Dhamaka’, Kartik Aryan is successful here.

What is the general concept of a thriller film? However, if the audience thinks that we are part of this story, that we are experiencing the scene for ourselves, then this work of art is different from the others. The director should have so much skill. Director Ram Madhavani has managed to keep the thrill of the film in the hearts of the audience. In many places, however, irrational things have been done; While the artwork was good, some of the raw links remained. This is a remake of the original Korean film “The Terror Live” that came out in 2013. The presentation is a little different. The rest will be picked up as it is. Of course, not everyone has seen The Terror Live; Hence, ‘Dhamaka’ can be a different experience for the Indian audience.

The director did a good job keeping the vibrancy by pulling the thread of an incident from end to end. This is another experiment in Indian cinema. While the story is being told, other problems are not interrupted. No extra romance, no songs. It is just a thrill to mesmerize the audience.

“Prime Time” from popular news anchor Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aryan) has been removed for some reason. As a punishment, he now has to work as a radio jockey. During such a live discussion, he receives a call. “I put a bomb on C-Link,” says the person in front. Arjun ignores it at first. However, if there is an explosion, it will tremble in no time. Instead of calling the police, he decides to cash in on the incident. This person only wants to communicate with Arjun. On that occasion, Arjun decides to televise the person’s call and incident live. Boss Ankita (Amrita Subhash) doesn’t want to miss this chance either; Because the question is ‘Exclusivity’ and ‘TRP’. In return, Arjun had a “deal” to get his “prime time” back. This is where small and large tremors begin. The whole story is in the vicinity of the newsroom and C-Link. Meanwhile, Arjun’s life takes a different turn from moment to moment. The same channel is operated by his wife Soumya Pathak (Mrinal Thakur) who has gone to C-Link for live coverage. The two are going to get a divorce, that’s all.

As mentioned earlier, there are some inconsistencies in the presentation. Satisfying the audience by answering all the questions in the reader’s mind is considered true journalism. However, there are some instances where this concept has been undermined in ‘Dhamaka’. The alleged terrorist drops C-Link bombs in the broadcaster’s studio but does not mention how he did it. It is said that when eating a good meal, stones should be placed in the center. Karthik has taken all “control” of the film. It looks the same on screen all the time, but there is flexibility. Lank hair during a radio broadcast. But the changes he made as soon as he got ready for the show, the restlessness in his restless head, the pen scratching something on the divorce paper, the situation changed from moment to moment and his changing gestures, body language, tone of voice … He is the driver in this race. He drives his steering wheel properly. However, there are gaps in the middle, which can also be felt. At the end of the film, the mystery slowly unfolds and the final explosion occurs. The audience is of course also shocked.

Manu Anand’s camera work is excellent. At the right opportunity, he “shakes” the camera and gives the director the desired result. The music is fine. Amrita Subhash also did her best. The boss, who only regards TRP as her goal and never wants to reach a level in the end, did well. Mrinal Thakur, Vikas Kumar in the role of ATS officer and Vishwajit Pradhan in the role of Deputy Minister also have small roles.

All in all, it is a work of art that breaks with the tradition of Indian cinema. If you’re a fan of thriller films and want to see the best of Karthik’s acting, then it’s okay to witness this blast.

Author: Puneet Sharma, Ram Madhavani

Directed by Ram Madhavani

Producers: RSVP Movies, Ronnie Screwvala, Amita Madhavani, Ram Madhavani

Camera: Manu Anand

Compilation: Monisha Baldawa, Amit Karia

Music: Vishal Khurana

Artists: Kartik Aryan, Mrinal Thakur, Amrita Subhash, Vishwajit Pradhan, Vikas Kumar, Eklavya Tomar etc.

Rating: three stars

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