Displaying money on social media, Tiktok star in trouble

The difficulty of a tick talk star presenting money through videos on social media has increased. That’s the name of this TickTock star. Harim is a resident of Pakistan. An investigation into money laundering allegations has been launched against Harim Shah after he revealed his anonymous fortune on social media. Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) launched a money laundering investigation into Tiktak star Harim Shah on Wednesday. Harim Shah had claimed in a video shared on social media that he had traveled from Pakistan to the UK with a large amount of cash. After that, more evidence against Harim Shah will be collected. Harim Shah reportedly landed at Doha Airport in Qatar on January 10 from Karachi

International Airport. According to media reports, Hariman shared the video on the social media platform Snack Video. She showed a large sum of money in the video and said it was the first time she had brought such a large sum of money from Pakistan to London. According to Federal Board of Revenue rules, a traveler can bring any foreign currency into Pakistan, but only foreign currency up to US$10,000 is allowed outside of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Harim Shah’s visa, immigration and travel documents have been confiscated. The federal investigative authority has also obtained details from Pakistani customs and airport security forces. The FIA ​​​​has also decided to write a letter to Britain’s National Crime Agency to demand action against Harim Shah.

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