Do you know your favorite artist who looked super cute as a kid? See photo


  • Your beloved artist looked very cute as a kid
  • The minds of the audience still win with innocent smiles
  • Special photos shared for Children’s Day

Mumbai– The childhood is called Dega Deva, ant sugar semolina. Because as a child we don’t have to worry about anything. It is the habit of many children to play all day and sleep in their mother’s arms. Many may have experienced childhood love from parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, uncles, aunts, and uncles. The mother’s dhapatas may have been eaten when she was stubborn. Everyone wants to be small again when they grow up. We all look so cute in our childhood. Audiences often wonder what these artists would have looked like when they were children. Even your favorite artist looked so cute when he was a kid. We brought you some cute photos of such artists. See if you can spot these cute looking artists in the photo.

Marathmola Ameya Wagh plays in Vicky Kaushal
1.Ketki Mategaonkar
Ketki Mategaonkar is the darling of ‘Timepass’.

2. Sai Tamhankar
The actress Sai Tamhankar, who hurts audiences with her acting and bold Ada, was a daredevil from childhood. Sai’s innocent face in the photo captured the hearts of many fans today.

Sai Tamhankar

3. Adinath Kothare
The actor is Mahesh Kothare’s son and actor Adinath Kothare.


4. Sonali Kulkarni
That chubby girl in the photo has turned into a nymph today and rules the entire Marathi film industry. Sonali’s photo in her school uniform once again cast a spell over the audience.

Sonali Kulkarni

5. The invincible tiger
Ameya Wagh, the actress known as the “Faster Fene” of Marathi cinema, looks very innocent as a child.

The invincible tiger

6. Vaidehi Parashurami
This actress, who together with Marathi created a different identity in Bollywood, is very much loved by the audience today. This actress is none other than Vaidehi Parashurami.

Vaidehi Parashurami

7. Swapnil Joshi
This actor who captured the hearts of the audience by asking questions with his piercing eyes has become the darling of the Marathi audience today. This is a photo of your darling Swapnil Joshi.

Swapnil Joshi

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