Do you remember it as a Hindu festival? This tweet made Riteish Deshmukh a troll

Mumbai: Riteish Deshmukh is a popular actor in Bollywood. Aside from Hindi Marathi films, Riteish and his wife Genelia D’Souza are very active on social media. Riteish shares many videos and photos from his social media account. His fans are constantly commenting on these videos and photos. Ritesh recently shared a post on social media. So it is trolled a lot.

What was Riteish’s contribution

Riteish often shares funny videos and posts on social media. He recently shared a post. In it, Riteish noted how many calories are consumed by consuming sweets and the ever increasing prices of those sweets.

Prices for Laddu, Jilbi, Cashew Barfi and Chocolate are given. Money needed to lose weight at the end of this list. While sharing this post, Riteish mentioned, ‘Choose with your head, I gave you a hint on how I thought …’. However, Riteish’s post has started trolling him on social media. One user wrote: “Why do you only impart knowledge when Sanatani is just a festival? Why are you silent on Eid or Christmas or New Year with yogurt in your mouth? Ritesh also gave a blunt answer to this comment by the user.

Riteish also posted an interesting response to this user comment, ‘Sorry sir, I’m vegan, I don’t eat cottage cheese …’ Riteish’s answer was liked and supported by many users.

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