Don’t be careless! increase in patient numbers worldwide; WHO report

News Agency, Geneva:

The number of new coronary patients worldwide has increased by 55%. In a report on the corona epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the number of fatalities had remained stable despite the increasing number of patients. The WHO published its weekly report on coronary artery disease on Tuesday evening. A million and a half patients were found worldwide last week while 43,000 died. The number of patients with coronary artery disease has increased in all parts of the world except Africa. In Africa, the number of coronaviruses has fallen by 11 percent. The omecron type of corona is more contagious and common than the type, the report said. Omycron was discovered in South Africa in November. There was an immediate drop there as the virus spread. Researchers in Britain and the United States have estimated that the omecron infection wave has peaked. However, experts say there is uncertainty about the next stage of the epidemic. The United States has seen a sharp rise in new cases this week, with the number of patients up 78 percent. The number of patients in Europe has increased by 31%, while the number of deaths has fallen by 10%. The number of patients in Southeast Asia has increased by 400 percent. Most patients come from India, Timor-Leste, Thailand and Bangladesh. The death toll in Southeast Asia has fallen by six percent.

The incidence of omecron is higher

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), omecron-type infections are increasing faster than corona delta-type infections. Evidence is found of the ability of omecrowns to penetrate the human immune system. However, experts say that the severity of the disease caused by omecron is less than other types of corona.

More court cases in Tianjin

In the Chinese city of Tianjin, 97 patients were diagnosed with omacron on Wednesday. Against this background, tests are being carried out on 14 million citizens of the city and the second phase of these tests has begun. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, citizens were instructed to stay indoors until receiving the test report. So far the administration has tested one crore 20 lakh citizens in the city. The first patient with Omecron was found in Tianjin on Saturday. The Winter Olympics are scheduled to begin in Beijing on February 4th. The city of Tianjin is an hour’s drive from Beijing. Against this background, caution is advised.

Booster vaccination in Indonesia
Seniors in Indonesia have been given booster doses of the corona vaccine since Wednesday. The Indonesian government has announced the release of 21 million booster doses of the Corona vaccine this month. Those who took their second dose of the vaccine six months ago are now receiving a booster dose. About 117 million people in Indonesia have received both doses of the vaccine so far.

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