Drug Chat- Aryan asks Ananya if there will be a cannabis problem? The actress speaks – arranged


  • Ananya cried in front of her father before going to the NCB office
  • Aryan and Ananya’s WhatsApp chat has made NCB suspicious
  • Aryan demands drugs from Ananya

MumbaiPopular Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey was summoned by NCB on Thursday October 21st. The NCB searched Ananya’s house and summoned her after her name appeared on Aryan’s WhatsApp chat in the Aryan Khan drug case. Ananya arrived at the NCB office late Thursday and was released after two hours of interrogation. But on Friday, Ananya was summoned for interrogation again. Some messages have now appeared in Ananya and Aryan’s WhatsApp chat saying that Aryan is asking Ananya for drugs.

… So Ananya Pandey dropped out of her education

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The NCB zone director, Sameer Wankhede, interviewed Ananya. In the meantime, he also showed Ananya her and Aryan’s chat. According to sources, Aryan asks his girlfriend Ananya in a chat if there can be juggling, can there be an agreement? Ananya then writes, I’ll arrange something. It is said that Aryan asked Ananya for marijuana. When Sameer asked Ananya about the chat, Ananya said he asked about cigarettes. When Sameer asked Ananya why she was on drugs, Ananya denied it.

A drug dealer was caught in the Aryan Khan drug case. This person is considered the primary connection in this case. The seller’s name was also revealed on Aryan’s chat. According to sources, Sameer started crying when Sameer started questioning Ananya. Ananya was then given water and further questions were asked. Even before she went to the NCB office, Ananya was seen crying to her father.

‘Bharti was released on bail after finding drugs, so why not Aryan?’

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