Elon Musk: “Instead of spending money in space …”, sharp advice to the very rich Alan Musk

Washington, USA:

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX and Tesla, is no stranger to space. Still, they don’t see themselves in the space race because they want to reach Mars. His various “space projects” are recognized on different levels … but sometimes even criticism falls on him. One of Musk’s critics is an American MP. Bernie Sanders, a U.S. Senator, is often seen on social media targeting Musk. Something similar has happened now.

US MP aims at Elon Musk

This time, Sanders targeted Elon Musk’s space project without naming him. “What if billionaires invested in working people on earth instead of wasting their money on space hobbies?” Sanders criticized Alan Musk in his tweet without naming him.

Twitter war

Previously, Elon Musk and Bernie Sanders had a verbal argument on social media. “The super-rich should pay their taxes due,” Musk said on Bernie Sanders’ tweet: “I forgot you were still alive.” For that he was also criticized.

Bill Gates’ priority

This isn’t the first time Musk has been criticized for his curiosity and huge investment in space. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had previously refused to invest in the space project. On an American talk show, Musk made a slight change, saying, “I’d like to focus on eradicating diseases on earth rather than space. We have so much to do on earth. “My focus is on diseases like malaria and HIV and how to eradicate them,” he said.

Will he make ‘this’ money?

A few days ago the richest man Elon Musk sold part of his Tesla shares. Of this, they received about 5 billion yen (about 37.176 billion rupees) in cash. What would he do with such a large sum? However, Musk declined to comment. There is a debate among charities as to whether they can donate some of this money.

Elon Musk wants to build a human settlement on Mars by 2050. That is why his company is studying ‘SpaceX’. So far, the company has launched several satellites into space with the help of NASA.

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