Faral, first bath, Lakshmipujan, Padva … this Diwali is in the series

Gauri Ambedkar, SNDT University

Everyone, young and old, longs for Diwali. The same reflection of joy and excitement will also be seen in the series. The series ‘Majhi Tujhi Reshimagath’ has a Diwali Pooja in the office. From grandparents to fairies, all communities will come together and enjoy the Farala. In the series ‘Kusum’ we almost see a wedding in Diwali. With Kusum’s wedding just around the corner, viewers will experience a double explosion of joy like Diwali and Laginghai. This year Diwali is celebrated in the Shirkepatil family in “What Exactly Is Happiness” in a simple way. Diwali is celebrated with the loving camaraderie of our people. In the series ‘Golden Steps’, the worthwhile family has to leave their home on Ain Diwali. It’s time for them to celebrate Dipotsav in the light of autumn.

Overall, a number of Farala dishes of different tastes are brought to the public on Diwali. Ain Diwali will see a good rope for TRP. Padwa the Heroes will be another attraction. Padva will appear in the series ‘Sundara Mana Mein Bharli’, ‘Ajano Barsaat Aaye’, ‘Raja Ranichi Gam Jodi’ and ‘Jeev Mazha Guntala’. Many hidden secrets also come to light through gifts and surprises. In Diwali there will be a firework of unique twists and turns in the series “What more do you want from my world”, “Dots of Rangoli”, “Man Udu Udu Zhalam”. Vasubaras is celebrated by worshiping cows in “Balumama’s Name Is Good”. Artists from some channels will come together to celebrate Dipotsav by chatting and playing antakshari. We have to wait for Diwali to see if Pasha is released from prison in ‘Sahakutumb Sahaparivar’. The audience is also excited to see if Deepa and Karthiki from ‘Rang Mazha Vegla’ will return to their rightful Diwali home. Diwali on the series is going to be full of excitement and excitement.

In the series ‘Jeev Mazha Guntala’, a funny juxtaposition of Malhar and distance maneuvers can be seen in Diwali. Antra will keep Malhar up all night to do karanjya. In the meantime, it will be interesting for the audience to see how the relationship between them flourishes without even knowing it.
– Ajay Kurne (Director – Jeev Mazha Guntala)

Baba of the Deshpande family will be returning home from the village due to bankruptcy. Indra has started to like Dipu. He intends to give Dipu a special surprise with this Diwali. Dipotsav is celebrated with joy in both families.
– Mandar Devasthali (Director – Man Udu Udu Zhalam)

For the first time in the ‘Thipakyanchi Rangoli’ series, Apoorva celebrates Diwali with her family. She is engaged in worship, making laddu, and making rangoli. I had a lot of fun writing Diwali scenes. Different family personalities will come together for Diwali and have a lot of fun.
– Manaswini Lata Ravindra (Author – Dotted Rangoli)

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