FATF meeting hits Pakistan and Turkey; Both countries are on the gray list

Islamabad: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international organization that provides financial support to terrorists, has dealt a blow to Pakistan and Turkey. The FATF has left Pakistan on the gray list and Turkey has also been included on the list. In particular, Turkey’s efforts to graylist Pakistan are beginning.

Pakistan has accused the FATF of taking this step against us under pressure from India. However, the FATF denied the allegations. FATF President Dr. “Pakistan must show that it takes serious action against terrorists and their organizations,” he said. He also said that decisions in the FATF are made by consensus. Pakistan has completed 30 of 34 action points.

The problems of Pakistan and Turkey will increase

The inclusion of Turkey and Pakistan on the FATF gray list is likely to exacerbate their financial problems. International financial institutions may also find it difficult for Turkey to obtain financial support from other countries.

Pakistan made several attempts to get out of this gray list. However, they have not yet succeeded. Pakistan is graylisted and struggling to get financial aid. The FATF decision comes because Pakistan’s economic situation is already tense.

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