“Great actors are not ready to work with me because …” reveals Tapsi Pannu


  • Great actors refuse to use Tapsi. to work together
  • A few actors also refused
  • Actors are not interested in films about women

Mumbai– The actress Tapsi Pannu, who captured the hearts of the audience with her acting, is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. Tapsi has made a name for herself in Bollywood with her excellent acting. Tapasi is on the list of top actresses in Bollywood. Tapasi starred in a film based on several women. But in an interview, she expressed her sadness that many great actors are not ready to work with Tapsi. She says Tapsi faces discrimination in Bollywood even after working with great actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar.

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Speaking of Bollywood, Tapsi said: “An actor refused to work with me because I had a dual role in it. He always said it was difficult to deal with just one ascetic here, but there are two ascetics. An actor was hired to work with me on the film. We had worked together before. However, the actor refused, saying that the role of the girl in the film will be met with all sympathy. But in fact the actor had starred in such a film before. But now he refuses. ‘

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Tapasi continued, “Every time I sit down with the producers, there are names of actors who work with me who have only appeared in a movie or two. But they also refuse to work with me. You don’t want to work in a film that is based on women. He doesn’t want to work in a movie in which he only plays 10 percent of the role. The atmosphere in Bollywood made it clear to him that he didn’t want to work in such a film. Recently tapasis “Rashmi Rocket” came into the audience. After that, tapasi will be seen in ‘Shabbas Mithu’, ‘Loop Lapeta’ and ‘Dobara’.

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