GST marks in weddings: In marriages up to seven lakhs, only more than Rs 1 lakh is taxed!


  • GST hit the common man in the cost of marriage
  • GST has to be paid on different expenses of marriage
  • Expenditure up to Rs 7 lakh will attract tax of more than Rs 1 lakh

The wedding season is about to begin and according to an estimate, party plots have been booked till February in the state. Everyone wants to get married with pomp. And nowadays lakhs of rupees are spent in marriage even in a middle class family. But did you know that a huge tax is also involved in the wedding expenses. GST has to be paid on the use of various services for marriage. And if up to Rs 7 lakh is spent on the wedding, then GST of up to Rs 1 lakh is also included in this. And today we will tell you how this GST is included.

We spend on everything from small perfumes for weddings to expensive clothes, jewellery, marriage halls, beauty parlors, concoctions, footwear. And on all these things we have to pay GST. And if the GST rate is calculated on all these items and if Rs 7 lakh has been spent on the wedding, then only the GST of more than Rs 1 lakh is included.

How much GST is levied on certain items of marriage?

Clothing and shoes: 5-12 percent
Gold jewellery: 3 percent
Marriage Garden: 18 percent
Tent: 18 percent
Lighting: 18 percent
Decor: 18 percent
Bandwaza: 18 percent
Photo-Video: 18 percent
Kankotri: 18 percent
Beauty parlor: 18 percent
Catering: 18 percent
Bus-taxi service: 5 percent

Understand the tax on wedding expenses with this example

As per the above rate GST example, 18 per cent GST is inclusive of Rs.27 thousand for spending Rs.1.5 lakh in marriage garden and Rs. 9000 GST on expenditure of Rs.50 thousand behind tent. Apart from this, Rs 27,000 will have to be paid in GST for spending Rs 1.5 lakh on wedding catering. And similarly, if gold jewelery worth one and a half to two lakh rupees is bought, then GST of three to four thousand rupees has to be paid on it. In this way, if Rs 7 lakh is spent on the wedding, then more than Rs 1 lakh GST has to be paid.

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