Harmful Bacteria Found In Indian Spray; Death of both

New York: Without international travel, US health officials are trying to solve the mystery of how four US citizens from different states succumbed to the disease in the tropics. Aromatherapy sprays imported from India are believed to have been killed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Saturday. The type of bacteria that causes myeloidosis is found in a spray bottle found in a patient’s home. Four people from Georgia, Minnesota, Texas and Kansas were affected. Two of them, including a child living in Georgia, died. Authorities say the same bacteria found in the four patients were found in the spray in the bottle. Land, water and other objects near the four victims’ homes are inspected.

The effects of these four have been carefully studied by the center. It found a spray ordered from India on a patient in Georgia. The aroma spray has been available in 55 Walmart stores and websites since February. Meanwhile, Walmart and the Consumer Protection Commission recalled 3,900 bottles on Friday. The bacterial spray was available for sale at Walmart’s 55 stores and their website between February and October 2021.

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